Scientific Program

Schedule of Program

Keynote Sessions

Alejandro Gugliucci
Touro University-California, USA

Title: Fructose Overconsumption: Etiological or Aggravating Factor in Obesity and MetS

Wolfgang Herrmann
Saarland University Hospital, Germany

Title: B Vitamins Deficiency, Hyperhomocysteinemia And Low N-3 Fatty Acid Status Are Risk Factors Of Neurodegenerative Diseases: Pathobiochemical Mechanisms And Results From Supplementation Studies

Clemens von Schacky
Preventive Cardiology, Ludwig Maximilians-University of Munich, and Omegametrix, Martinsried, both Germany

Title: Omega-3 in Health and Disease

Markus Herrmann
Medical University of Graz, Austria

Title: Vitamin D Status and Cellular Aging


Its a 20 mins break.